Laser cut studio

Let us introduce ourselves

The Snijerij is a small laser-cut studio in Amsterdam. Our biggest customer? That's us. That is to say, our other company: Werp. At Werp we make lampshades from wood and cardboard. Worth the while to have a look.

But we do more than make lampshades. We also cut for others and make objects that have nothing to do with lamps. Even though they do shine...

What and how

A lasercutter?

The heart of the Snijerij is our lasercutter. A machine that cuts and/or engraves using a laserbeam. This beam is controlled by a computer and can cut very complex and detailed shapes from a wide range of materials. It can also engrave, which means it takes away a thin layer from the surface of the material.


A lasercutter can work with a wide range of material. Almost all organic materials (wood, cardboard, leather) can be cut or engraved. Non-organic materials like perspex (plexiglass) can be cut with ease. Other materials like aluminium and glass can only be engraved by our laser. Not all materials are suited to use in a lasercutter. When in doubt, please ask what is possible.

The lightbox

One of our products is a lightbox. And even though it emits light, it is not a lamp in the 'Werp design' sense. The lightbox is fun for your nursery, an eye catcher on your bar and just a great item to own in general. It sells 'from' 95 Euros. That includes maximum 16 characters of text. Get in touch for your own text, name, company logo or whatever it is you want be illuminated. Not everything is possible, but we get close.


This is just a handfull of things we did in the past.
Will this feature your design soon?

Contact us

We could have made this site much longer. With a FAQ with all the questions that tell you only what we want to tell you. Or impressive stories about our corporate agility, our 'can do' mentality and other empty prose. But if you want to know something it's easier to just contact us. By phone, email or, how agile, by Whatsapp.

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